In addition to this magnificent nature, Bonaire is of course known for its beautiful diving sites. As one of the TOP SCUBA diving destinations in the Caribbean, we are proud and take care of our under water parks, and we have focused on protecting the most vulnerable reefs.
We have taken great effort to the underwater world around the island can return back to the state prior to the time of SCUBA diving.
Many of our visitors, who visit the island for the first time are surprised at the ease with which the most beautiful dive sites of the island can be visited. With the numerous dive sites accessible from shore and boats are tightly organized excursions completely unnecessary.
You drive your car to one of the many (marked with yellow stones) dive sites on the coast, attracts your dive gear on and walk into the water. From the moment you closes above sea level, you find yourself in an amazing "underwater" fairy tale. The water is clean, clear and calm and the sunshine from above you will get a perfect view in the color splendor of corals and many species of colorful fish swimming in between.
Here you can enjoy 365 days of the year the most "ideal" diving conditions on the best dive sites without having to take into account a season that particular dive.

Diving lessons

For those with little or no diving experience there is a wide range of diving schools with highly experienced dive instructors where excursions can be booked and / or lessons can be taken.
Of course we can assist you in booking a tour or training and / or rental of bottles and so on. We are therefore proud that Bonaire in 2003, the Rodale Scuba Diving Readers' Choice Award has been awarded. The island was the first place in seven of the 15 category